Altaventus Attends ESA Φ-Week 2020

The ESA EO Φ-WEEK 2020 will be held online as a virtual event from 28 September to 02 October 2020.

Φ-week is the annual Earth Observation event organised by ESA-EOP. It focuses on innovation in Earth Observation, and showcases the latest achievements in Earth Observation science, technology and applications.

Φ-week 2020 aims to contribute to the concept of Digital Twin Earth – an AI-driven digital replica of our planet that converts the full power of AI, Earth Science and Modeling, cloud computing and Earth-scale environmental, societal and economical data into actionable insights for scientist, political and economic decision makers.

Φ-week 2020 brings together the necessary ingredients to build the Digital Twin Earth and enable science-based decision capabilities, enhanced predictions and simulations, to responding to the complex societal and environmental challenges of our times.

The Φ-week includes a variety of events (e.g. inspiring talks, workshops, roundtables, startup pitch, hackathons) to connect multi-disciplinary communities – from EO researchers, data scientists, non-space corporates, tech leaders, entrepreneurs, up to startup and innovators – to explore together how EO Open Science and innovation can benefit from the latest digital technologies and help shapeFutureEO missions and services.

This year Altaventus attends to the Φ-week with a virtual poster session on the use of Domain Aware Machine Learning for EO applications titled `Use of Domain Aware Machine Learning for Digital Twin Earth Applications` (Poster ID 220). You can attend our virtual poster session on October 1, 2020 between 16:30-18:00.

To follow the event and interact with speakers and sessions a registration is required through the Brella platform.

Find the Agenda and all information regarding the Phi-Week 2020