• Precision Farming- Smart/Precision Agriculture, Crop Monitoring, Water Management, Drought Monitoring

  • Temperature Monitoring Land/Sea Surface Temperature, Hot Spot Tracking, Urban/Rural Monitoring


  • Monitoring Statistical Indicators – Efficient and Robust alternative to collecting data from the field

  • Web Based Services – Near real-time maps of any Region of Interest through PC or mobile based application


  • Observation Gap Mitigation – Use of multiple satellites and DAML for parameter estimation

  • Cloud Removal – Estimating readings beneath the clouds for physical and biogeochemical processes

What makes our solution unique?

Domain Aware Machine Learning

An example is provided to illustrate the potential of the proposed DAML technology.

  • A representative temperature field with an obstruction is generated.
  • Two approaches are used to predict the temperature under the obstruction; Conventional Machine Learning and DAML.
  • While both methods use the same number of points from same locations, DAML shows superior accuracy in predicting the actual temperature distribution.
  • DAML’s performance is better thanks to its usage of domain knowledge (Heat Equation – Fourier Law) and a modern deep learning architecture.

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