High Level View of Our Services

As Altaventus, we offer services and consultancy in a wide range of applications with 10+ years of experience in Aerospace Engineering and Software Development. Relevant fields include;

      • Computational Fluid Dynamics for Aerodynamics, Aerothermodynamics and Rarefied Applications
      • Flight Mechanics Analysis and Design for Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing Aircraft
      • Space Environmental Analysis for Satellite Plume, Electrical Charging, Thermal Studies
      • Renewable Energy Design and Operation for Wind and Solar Power Plants

At the highest level, we organize our activities into 3 main topics which have interfaces and implicit dependencies between each other.

      • Scientific Computing
      • Domain Aware Machine Learning
      • Enhanced Decision Making

In the following posts, we aim to share some of the challenges faced in the state of the art applications and discuss solutions for each of these 3 topics while delving into more detail.

If you have a related problem in your business that require more in depth discussion, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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